Aquarius Career Horoscope 2014

Aquarius’ Second House of income will be under the domination of Uranus all year round in 2014. Consequently, you might obtain money from unusual sources, from activities that require resourcefulness and originality. As you are usually an unselfish person, anyone who will be around you in 2014 will have reasons to be glad, because you’ll be very generous.

Aquarius’ financial situation in 2014 seems to oscillate very much, but you can control the expenses and avoid losing if you are ingenious. In February 2014, your desire to purchase valuable objects and be surrounded by luxury will be stronger.

You can receive financial support from women but be careful not to spend excessively on jewels, etc. In the first part of February 2014, Mercury will be retrograde. Therefore, it is not advisable to make strategic decisions, such as financial investment, because they will prove to be inefficient and will even bring you loss.

Nor will be favored publishing or advertising activities in this period. In April 2014, Mars’ presence in Aquarius’ Second House will endow you with much courage and urge you to get involved in rather risky business. You can obtain unexpected earnings, due to spontaneity when making decisions.

We advise you not to push it too hard, though, because you might run out of luck. In May 2014, Venus will be in Aquarius’ Sixth House. You’ll get along very well with your colleagues and bosses at work, especially with female bosses. Aquarius’ creativity will be at its best.