Cancer Horoscope 2014

The influences of Uranus and Neptune in 2014 are not new to you (they have been part of your life for several years). If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, unusual and eye-opening experiences may be in store for you. The people that you meet this year tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now, and more attracted to more avant-garde or simply progressive belief systems. You may encounter some challenges regarding shared finances or property. A loan or other form of support may come through unexpectedly, even in a mysterious fashion. Intimate relationships can be highly colorful, perhaps with spiritual undercurrents, but possibly a little confusing. The boundaries that are normally drawn between what is yours and what is mine may be blurred somewhat this year. A partner could have unsettled finances, and this could impact your own finances.

Do be wary of anything that even slightly resembles fraud. Lending others money may be a lesson in frustration during this cycle. Eclipses this year largely fall in your first and seventh houses. Issues of personal courage, confidence, and independence come to the fore. You may, for example, receive a cosmic push towards expressing yourself more creatively and experience an increased drive to take charge of your life. Issues surrounding personal appearance, the body, and your image become especially important and, in some cases, critical. Basically, you will be learning to stand on your own two feet! Partnerships may be tested, but there is nothing to fear if the relationship is strong. The seventh house represents an important one-to-one relationship–a marriage partner, significant other, business partner, or an adversary. It’s time to strike a balance between your own needs and those of another. It’s time to compromise and negotiate.