Horoscope 2013 Cancer

Horoscope : GENERAL

The efforts which you provided these two last years truly start to give tangible results, this year 2013. That will touch all the fields of your life, and your increased conscience will not allow you to avoid this report. This progress will generate new resolutions at the end of the year; and as a success never arrive alone, you will also have many occasions to enrich your life thanks to new knowledge, dialogues with these people who will open new doors to you which will be positive short cuts for your projects. Only the influence Pluto can slow down you from nostalgic moods, you do not stop especially with the considerations of the past, go ahead.


You will be thorough to make considerable efforts, this year, in your professional life. Indeed, the impulses of Pluto, combined with those of Mars will largely support your intellectual efforts and your need of mental action and of creativity. You will not be lack of it; inspiration as regards making up for certain lost times, attaching you to fill certain failures. If you have a trade in relational matter, the chance is with you to conclude from the agreements, to buckle sales, to start negotiations which you think sometimes impossible to implement. A whirling of activities can involve you with making some too much, not to have to stop you in time; made in kind of sparing sufficient time for your intimate life, particularly. Nothing is used for to run… To disavow your objectives firmly, bet on the long run.


Beyond your propensity natural to idealize the sentimental love songs, you this year will exceed you to concretize your most personal dreams. You will not have patience to make cinema and especially to play the detachment that you do not test! So you can test difficulties of respecting the needs of independence of your partner, who will not fail to him to assert his share of autonomy, especially during the first three months of the year. You will be able to then pass to the action and to put all the chances of cutter with dimensions. Because you will have then, more impact and of magnetism in the sentimental field… On the other hand, a Saturn dissonance wakes up fears of abandonment which take root very far in your past… And even without going very far, you will feel a deep need to ensure you of the reliability of your entourage. It is not the moment to seek to make radical transformations… But to still collect elements before setting up the changes which will appear clear the next year to you. For those among you who are single, there are strange meetings in prospect, open with the exoticism, you will not regret it.


The influences of Pluto this year will solicit you in-depth. Indeed, you spontaneously will seek to analyze what you live, which with the excess can make you doubt things which however exist indeed. This is on the sentimental level that will appear most openly, do not forget that the feelings escape sometimes the analyses, even the best! Jupiter in aspect with your sign enables you to see clearly in your ambitions, and in this field, your analyses become completely useful: the source of your motivations cannot escape to you. That enables you to resume work with more effectiveness! Venus grants more facilitated seduction to you, do not misuse at all costs.


Jupiter and Uranus bring impulses to you which can become generating stress, according to your capacities to protect you from the outside world. Indeed, you will deal with talkative entourage, which solicits you much in an indirect way. You will have need for calm regularly this year, to face! Take measures and especially do not hesitate to disconnect your telephone, to cut you from the world. You will spontaneously reduce the contents of your plate, there is no time to you and that is there for much. Made in kind not make for as much the dead end on food which remains essential with your vitality. The muscular form is with return, especially during second half of the year of the year. You proportion your efforts in the good sense. This is also the moment to take again a sports activity.