Horoscope 2013 Capricorn

Horoscope : GENERAL

You will live planetary impulses which will allow you in a general way, to find more lightness and to diversify you. More occasions of leisure, thus an increased facility will be born, you will learn how thanks to the situations that you will meet, to still relativize more the human phenomena. This is your tolerance which extends your comprehension in all the fields. That brings a serenity increased to you thus a greater moral energy to apprehend the circumstances with an unquestionable sense of smell; the stars release you this year of certain material considerations, which leaves the free field to more humanistic concerns to you.


The Saturn impulses and Pluto in aspect with your sign come to reinforce your basic effectiveness, this year. You combine depth of reasoning with a major realism, and this is without you to veil the face which you will consider your situation present before starting again this year. This will be possible with changes that you will be able to set up. Your approach towards your collaborators, your superiors will install a climate of trust which enables you to play of your assets in all peace: you will put a point of honor particular to return work well done, with the chalk line. And in fact, your efforts of precision will be worth for sympathies and recognition! Stain despite everything not to make for as much the work of the others, which they will be tempted to benefit from your spontaneous assistance…


You enter by the large door the field of Eros, this year. The impulses of Uranus, combined with those of Mars and Venus come to galvanize your love life, which will correspond to a total transformation. There is discovery in prospect, whatever your current location. Your reserved nature will leave room to a greater assertion of oneself, with more audacity and expression of your basic sentimental nature. Your initiatives give more results that practice; this is the moment to express your feelings, to expose your projects of couple, of launching dialogues which will enable you to better know your partner. The professional life will be implied in your love life, there are interferences to envisage, that it is by a meeting on your work place or a professional association with your partner, etc… The impulses of Uranus push you to make changes in your way to like with the everyday life, to more express your imagination, which you will make without sorrow while respecting the inevitable limitations of the everyday life of your existence. On the other hand, you will be tempted to put too much decency at speaking about your personal current worries to your partner. It would be a shame of being able to hide things to him on which you would be helped to solve them. Consequently to show weaknesses can also, if not more, touch your soft half which will be made a joy of supporting you, and to bring it to you; support which at the bottom of you, you wish.


You advance more quickly than last year, this time. And in fact, the current transits quite naturally carry out you to anticipate the more practical future and its methods particularly. The vice of Pluto in your sign acts appreciably, that gives you more freedom of action and influence on the material world. More paternalist than practice, you will find satisfactions to take certain people under your wing, it will be indeed a way to exorcize your clean last to give to others that of which you missed you even before. The Saturn impulses encourage you to make safe your financial future. Do not hesitate to finally subscribe to the qualified organizations in order to stabilize your basic concerns.


The impulses of Pluto in your sign start to move away and to lose in influence. And so you will see your mental spontaneously becoming more optimistic, without anything to force for that. Saturn effects add and cause in you an intense need of action, which will especially generate in you new and positive energies at the muscular level. You evolve slowly but surely to a good increasingly large being and especially, generating d’ energies on all the levels. On the other hand, you will have to supervise your sugar consumption more. The Venus aspects push you with greediness, but the true signal of your body is to get sources to you; healthy energies… To meditate !