Horoscope 2013 Scorpio

Horoscope : GENERAL

The resumption of the re-entry continues intensely, for you, this year. You enter the year under planetary impulses very instigating with the social plan, relational. And paradoxically, you will test a need for withdrawal, of retreat, even insulation towards the change appropriated which will still not miss arising. The last Jupiter impulses in a friendly sign are there to give you the last fundamental dashes of the opening of your ambitions. The aspects of Venus and Mars thereafter will reactivate your creativity… In all the fields! You will live intense alternations of contacts and meditation, phases of work concentrated with moments of total relaxation.


Your professional life is announced rich moving relational, profitable collaborations, fertile agreements for your future. Occasions of changes will have to arrive more close to your ambitions. You will be confronted with circumstances which bring new knowledge to you, and which thereafter, will open doors to you on the professional level. To envisage joint projects or which approach and are supplemented between you and these people. Dialogues will notably inform you on the true nature of your professional motivations. If you work in the artistic field or if you have a trade in creative matter, the chance will be resolutely on your side! The inspiration will be rich, and you will even lack of time to materialize them.


Your love life goes this year into adventurous turnings. Indeed, poetry enters by the large door quite naturally. Except if you refuse to let to you go to this romantic flow, in which case you would pass to side of a positive interior awakening, thus beside highly constructive and pleasant meetings. The Venus impulses in aspect with Jupiter in friendly signs will confront you with circumstances which will push you to propose your emotional nature, with speaking more freely about you, and more close to your true nature. Your appearances are harmonized with your heart, you will hardly want of bluffer to allure! And in fact, you will touch by your sincerity and the spontaneity of your remarks, of your approaches. The influence Mars, at any beginning of year facilitates your exchanges and releases your heats at the most favorable times… Your partner will feel liked with step to doubt! The first four months facilitate especially the fact to you of bringing closer your loves to the family unit. You will need more intimacy, of cocooning, common roots with your half and to evoke them. The meetings which you will make this year will help you to understand still obscure elements of your past, and to demolish you certain useless culpabilities. If you are single in second half of the year, the meetings which you will make will be more in the complementarities in the resemblance. You do not direct against the divergences which sometimes can become defenses of a couple most solid and complete.


You will have to take care not to rock in the opposite excess, this year, in the relational field… Indeed, the Mercury impulses make to you more receptive to the others and so return to you accessible to a greater diversity of people. This is perfect as long as you will keep with the spirit that everyone is not like you… Certain people see only their interest, and you will tend to attract some. Saturn confers this year to you a particular attraction for what touches with arts, and develops your creativity. Do not leave that with the abandonment, it can lead you to important satisfactions, and this, in all the fields.


This is a certain form of wisdom and detachment which will best protect you from the small unpleasant diseases which most of the time are felt when you do not be in form. But this year, you are with the shelter of the latter thanks to the Saturn support, which will also cause d’ to attenuate all that relates to dental or osseous pains. If you manage to fight against your unconcern on these levels, you will avoid later concern for this winter. From September, you will test an increased energy, which will stimulate your muscular efforts. Keep the direction of measure !