Horoscope 2013 Virgo

Horoscope : GENERAL

You pass to high speed, this year, in all the fields. This is by the other ones than you will consolidate the things, through your knowledge which you will find the feeling of internal security that you seek. The impulses of Mars will galvanize your actions in the direction of a greater safety, in the broad sense, and in all the fields. Your conservatism will carry you chance and will enable you to get rid of certain material concern, in particular. That releases you the spirit to pass to high speed to make evolve/move your projects in a constructive direction. Much to make, in a slackened relational environment, here a beautiful program.


The course of your professional life goes s’ to accelerate, this year. Indeed, you will have at the same time requirements to regulate very quickly and changes d’ organizations to be set up. The impulses of Mars boost your need for recognition, and that will help you to face the transformations which will not lack to happen. You put the twice the work in your daily work, and your zeal tends to wake up the malicious gossip. You do not astonish in addition to measure and carry on your road without you to formalize‚Ķ The Mercury impulses push you to face secret meetings, negotiations sometimes not easy but which you can in the long term carry out thanks to your tenacity increased in this year. Saturn continues its work and reinforces your good sense and your perseverance.


You will know moments of sentimental intoxication, this year. Although you will not enormously have time to devote to your loves, that will not prevent you from living moments of total plenitude to two. Indeed, the impulses of Uranus in aspect to your sign announce good food, a more intense pleasure, and facilities to cause passion at your partner. If you were in conflict with your tender half, you will have facilities to disarm it than to even do it you. Your dashes of the heart push you to more do pleasure with your partner, to allure more in the broad sense, even if in the final analysis, you do not have precise objective. But that will reinforce the links of your couple if you live already with someone, and that will allow you to bring more easily your partner to the concretization of your projects with two. You will officialize a relation, to make presentations with the family, to show at the great day their attachments. If you are currently single, you will have chance as regards meetings. Those will be especially centered on comprehension, the tolerance, the opening in the world and new values. You attract with you more than ordinary of the people to the deep sensitivity, which corresponds to your basic ideals, if you agree to recognize it apart from your moments of doubt. With you to benefit from the good moments to pose the bases of your future, in all serenity !


Your ideal of life is in the foreground of your concerns, this year. Even if it means becoming a little egoist, you lean more and rightly on your practices, and you will see more particularly those which slow down your blooming. Your helping realism, you will imperiously need to change that as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it will be necessary for you to plan your dreams and to take into account time; your absolutism could make damage in your entourage, do not forget this data, you know well that this side of your life is to you capital him too. The Mercury impulses and Mars wake up an intense need of exchanges with the others. That can lead you to being too naive and cash taking for money all that the one can promise to you, are careful.

Your energy is more discrete than ordinary, this year and will appear more readily in your moments or the concentration is of setting, or when you summers only to work on your projects. Your entourage will be able to think that you do not be as well as possible of your capacities but your basic energy is beautiful and quite omnipresent. You will spontaneously channel it in all this than there is in your eyes of more useful, of more essential, in order to materialize your ambitions. The only possible shelf would be too much to make some without anything delegate to anybody… You are not responsible for everyone! The Mercury impulses and Mars will galvanize your energy during the last three months. You will find the spirit to plunge in your leisure without failing. Your mental acuity at the same period is with the one of its best levels of the year.