Leo Horoscope 2014

The pressures you feel in 2014 are made bearable because they’re so widely felt. This is a time of human evolution, that carries the provocations of the late 60s to the next level. Saturn in Libra forces you to see yourself more clearly in the eyes of others. You can’t get away with selfish indulgences that hurt others. It can be a transformative time of refining yourself to the core, so you trust your own motives.

A major re-emergence starts to happen around March 10th, just in time for the exuberance of Spring. You can make the presentation, or show off your hard work then. Mars rules passions, and this might mean re-encountering an old flame. It’s also fuel to reignite intimacy in your closest relationships.

It’s wise to simplify and listen to the heart. You may have to do more with less, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live artfully. Your personal charisma and instinct for play can be a balm for others in tough times. Your sign embodies human dignity, and being your regal self inspires others. Be sure to find ways to balance your life (with rest, reflection), when you can.

Offers to collaborate come up, but you’ll want to be sure they’re projects that allow you to express your uniqueness. It’s a year to humanize and warm up our lives.