Taurus Horoscope 2014

For Taurus people, the year 2014 could start in a less pleasant way from the financial point of view. In January 2014, Mars will be retrograde in the house of welfare, which implies some financial failures, but in February things will come back to normal.

The problems from the beginning of the year could affect you psychically for a longer period, but for the rest of the year it will be fine from the financial point of view, even though you are still under the impression that it is not so. You can try some treatments to maintain your good health or some diets, maybe naturist diets. We even recommend you to take up more naturist eating habits. You obviously can’t take such an important step without knowing more about this domain, so we advise you to start looking for information, and only after that put it into practice.

You have to take special care of your nervous system and breathing apparatus in September and October, when Mercury is transiting your house of health, but especially in the former half of October when Mercury is in retrograde movement. Neptune’s presence in Taurus’ house of business all through 2014 lends you the tendency of financing humanitarian causes, of making donations to some institutions of spiritual orientation, of supporting financially artists that need help.

Taurus people with financial resources will get closer to spirituality and will feel the need to support these domains. It’s not surprising that Taurus’ recommended areas for investments in 2014 are art and spirituality.